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What makes video marketing important for a business?

Yellow Digit A lot of brands just ignore the power of video marketing. However, they forget the fact that video is the second-most consumed content type on the internet. In a layman’s language, video marketing is promoting your brand or company and then delivering

How to optimize your website for mobile devices

Yellow Digit Though it is important to have a website that looks great on a desktop or laptop, however, most of the internet is used on mobile phones. So, you should emphasize more on optimizing your website for mobile. It will surely improve the

Brands that helped in digitalization of Kirana Stores

When we talk about the Indian markets, we cannot ignore the Kirana stores. Undoubtedly, these Kirana stores are the backbone of any market in a locality. For a long period of time, the need for the Kirana stores has been immense. Surely, this trend

A digital marketing guide for hospitals and healthcare industry

Healthcare is one of the most competitive industries, both in small towns and metro cities. Undoubtedly, credibility and great services are what patients and their kith and kins want in a hospital. However, in this rapidly growing digital space, the patient won’t directly come

Digital marketing & SEO trends in 2021

Key trends of Digital Marketing & SCO that should be at the top of every digital marketer to-do list in 2021 The digital landscape is changing and it’s that time of the year when marketers are busy shaping their strategies for 2021. The performance