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All across the world, there are millions of aspiring entrepreneurs. The number of small-scale businesses is increasing rapidly every day.

One of the major issues that a newbie businessman faces, is marketing and branding. However, there are several digital marketing tools that are easily available, are affordable and provide the best results when it comes to setting up a new customer base.

Undoubtedly, digital marketing provides an amazing Return on Investment. And the tools mentioned in this article prove it. Gone are the days when a hefty budget was required for the marketing and branding of a product or a service. If your product or the service is unique, there are several tools that will surely cut the marketing cost for you exponentially and provide fantastic results. Here’s a list of the seven best marketing tools for small-scale businesses.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most trusted and widely used digital marketing tools in today’s world.

The tool offers several features and it is completely free. Several marketing experts say that it provides the best information when paired with Google Search Console. Google Analytics tells you valuable insights about your business, how people connect to it, and how you can optimize it for a better reach.

There are countless features and reports that Google Analytics provides to its users. It can tell you the number of people visiting your site in a week, month, year, hour. It can even tell you the real-time user on your website.

Other than that, Google Analytics can help you understand from where does your website gains traffic. It can tell you the ratio of the traffic coming through referrals, with that of social media and organic search.

Also, it tells you through which keywords, your website is getting traffic.


You cannot ignore e-mail marketing if you want to grow your business. It can surely help you bring immense and quality traffic to your website. However, for that, you need a perfect strategy and a reliable tool.

Mailchimp can be of great help. This is a tool that will provide you with the required help for e-mail marketing your brand. Surely, you will get an amazing Return on Investment if you look forward to e-mail marketing.

Mailchimp will help you schedule emails, receive emails, manage your lists and also, help you track your engagement through e-mail marketing.

For beginners and new businesses, it is a perfect choice. Till the time your e-mail list hits the 2000 mark, Mailchimp provides free services.


Other than e-mail marketing, content marketing is equally important for a new brand or a company. You need to generate content that suits your customer base, attracts your potential customers, and help you bring more conversions.

To build a strong content marketing strategy, you require BuzzSumo. It is one of the most widely used content marketing tools in the world. BuzzSumo provides several options and features. From keyword research to content analysis, it is a one-stop solution for all the new businesspersons.


Don’t worry if you are not a pro in graphic designing. Canva is an amazing tool for newbies and it can be of great help to those who do not have the budget to hire a graphic designer for their brand.

For any website or social media platform, it is really important to keep your audience visually engaged. Visually appealing photos are graphics are very important to attract your audience and customers. Canva can really help you make appealing and original content, just in a few minutes.

There are thousands of free graphic design templates available on Canva. From social media posts to brochures, pamphlets, business cards, etc. There are ample options to choose on Canva.

For new brands and companies, even the free version of Canva can do wonders.


For internal communication of the company, Slack can be of great help. Undoubtedly, Slack is a fantastic tool if most of your employees or team members work remotely. For project handling, you must use Slack. A better communication experience is what you can expect from Slack.

If you have a small team and you do not share large files, even the free version of Slack can work for you. You can handle several projects on Slack easily. Create project teams and add the people you want to, easily.


When it comes to the Search Engine Optimization of your WordPress website, Yoast SEO is one of the best and the most widely used tools. There is no benefit of detailed research on keywords if you do not use it properly to optimize your website. Yoast SEO analyzes your content and lets you know if it is capable of bringing traffic to your landing page.

It will help you naturally place keywords into your blogs, articles, landing pages. Other than that, Yoast will help keep a check on your content’s readability. Also, it will help you make your articles, blogs more SEO friendly through a simple report.


HootSuite is surely a valuable tool for the brands and organizations that have most of their work on social media.

Nowadays, even for a day-old brand, social media marketing is really important. It is something that cannot be ignored. Though it seems to be a tough job, one must invest time and money in social media to build a strong brand.

HootSuite is an amazing tool that provides a Central Management System for all your social networking platforms. It allows you to schedule different posts for your different social media channels in advance. You can even schedule your entire social media posting plan for a month through HootSuite. Moreover, you can run several social media campaigns through this platform and track performance.

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