A digital marketing guide for hospitals and healthcare industry

Healthcare is one of the most competitive industries, both in small towns and metro cities. Undoubtedly, credibility and great services are what patients and their kith and kins want in a hospital. However, in this rapidly growing digital space, the patient won’t directly come to you. He will review your hospital’s website on various search engines, check the list of doctors and compare with others. What if you have the best infrastructure and team of doctors, but have zero presence on the internet? A lot of patients may not be able to make it up to you.

Don’t worry! Here’s a quick digital marketing guide for your hospital that will help you turn your small practice into a booming business. Have a look at 7 tips that will surely help you drive patients to your hospital.

Emphasize on your website’s content

If you own a hospital or a clinic, your website would be the first place that a patient would visit. Therefore, it is very important that you provide all the information that a person is looking for. Focus on the content, navigation, layout, user experience. Also, make a mobile-friendly website, so that the users do not find trouble opening it on their mobiles.

When it comes to healthcare digital marketing, a website is the hub of information. The patients must easily get the information that they are looking for. Also, do not forget to add the “book appointment” option on your home page. The easier you make it for the website visitor, the better it would be for your business.

Social Media plays an important role

The number of social media users across the world justifies why it has become an important marketing tool for every business. Even for hospitals’ digital marketing, social media can be of great help. Make a connection with the people in your locality, city through social media. Keep the people up to date on different happenings of the hospital. Talk about your numbers. Tell people about your success.

Also, do not forget to interact with people through social media. A lot of people will give positive as well as negative feedback for your hospital. Try to reply to them.

Local SEO is very important

Most of your potential customers are living around your hospital. Therefore, when it comes to digital marketing for hospitals, local SEO plays an important role.

It does not really matter if your website is visible to a person living 1000 miles away from your hospital. However, if you provide a specific treatment or service, then it is important that you widen up your target area.

If you want to improve your local SEO, focus on location-based keywords. Keywords for hospitals generally include a general term and a geographical location. For example- “Hair loss treatment in Delhi”. When people search on the internet, they do not go beyond this.

That is why, when it comes to healthcare digital marketing, local SEO is important. Keep in mind that all your blogs, landing pages should be optimized for local SEO. If you are providing services in Dehradun, you must not forget the city on your website. No matter if any person living in Mumbai is visiting your website. You just need to focus on the people living in Dehradun and nearby areas.

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Focus on landing pages

Let’s say you own a multi-speciality hospital. You provide 15 different healthcare services. How will you make content for your website? For each service that you offer, you need to have a landing page. A user should find several ways to reach your website. Even if they want solutions to a specific problem on the internet, your website should serve its purpose and have the solution for it.

Also, do not forget to optimize all the landing pages for local SEO.

Informative content is really important

A lot of potential patients just search about the symptoms they have and do not look for doctors. What they really want is informative content.

Your website should solve their queries. For that, you should write informative blog posts for your hospital’s website. Search engines like Google, Bing always prefer the ones who provide quality content, that is credible and provides relevant information.

E-mail marketing can be of great help

Undoubtedly, e-mail marketing is one of the oldest digital marketing tools. It can be really helpful when it comes to digital marketing for hospitals. Generally, gathering a database is a tough job. But that is not an issue when it comes to hospitals and the healthcare industry.

Undoubtedly, E-mail marketing provides a great return on investment. Keep your visiting patients engaged with your website and the hospital through e-mail marketing. If you start a new CSR program, inform them through e-mail. If you start giving a new service, give proper information to them through e-mail marketing. Other than that, start a monthly or a weekly newsletter. You can share your blogs, articles, media coverage in the newsletters.

Pay Per Click is also necessary

Without any doubt, SEO is a slow process. You cannot expect your blog or a landing page to reach the first-page result the next day. It takes time. So, in order to give your business a boost, invest in Pay Per Click Advertising.

Focus on Google Ads. Other than that, Facebook also has its PPC (Pay Per Click program). Promote your hospital business and get the leads you want. Surely, PPC will help your hospital business get the boost it requires.

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