Five simple yet useful Instagram Marketing tips for small businesses


The power of social media can’t be underrated in today’s era. You can literally set up a successful business through social media. Instagram is one such platform that has the potential to generate quality leads for you and help you expand your business exponentially. In this article, we will guide you and tell you five simple yet useful Instagram Marketing tips.

First of all, you need to understand why you must use Instagram to promote your business. Also, you should understand the power of this social media platform. Undoubtedly, if your target audience is youth, you must use Instagram to widely promote your business. Instagram’s own study finds that most of its users find it easy to research the products on the platform.

Here are a few tips you must follow to promote your business on Instagram.

Understand your audience

It is very important to understand the taste of your audience. You must know who are your existing customers and who can be converted into your customer. Once you understand it, you need to curate your content accordingly. You can check the insight of your Instagram business profile to see who are the people who mostly visit your page.

Instagram Insights can help you check the impressions on your page, your post’s reach, website clicks, follower activity, save etc. Also, through Instagram, you can even check the age group that is mostly visiting your page. Analyze all these aspects and then curate your content accordingly.

Engagement is important

Communication should always be two-sided. It is really important that you engage and interact with your audience and followers on Instagram. You can do it in different ways. Instagram Live is one such tool through which you can interact with your followers live.

When it comes to selling a product or service, spamming them to sales posts won’t really work. Instead, you can try a different approach. You can do some contests, do shoutouts and giveaways etc. This will surely improve your page’s and your brand’s engagement with the potential and existing customers.

Hashtags can do the magic

The hashtags can really do the magic for you if you choose them wisely. These hashtags can help you organize and categorize your content and the users would easily find it through hashtag search. Just keep in mind that hashtags have become mandatory. These hashtags work like keywords and if you place the right keywords, then your post will surely have a great reach.

However, there a few tips you should remember while using hashtags.

Do not overdo it: Precisely choose the hashtags for your post and do not overdo it. It is always better to use five or six relevant hashtags than spamming your post with 20-25 random hashtags.

Do not use overused hashtags: Do not use the hashtags that are used by almost everyone. For example #goodday #goodvibes #instagood won’t really do much for your product and service posts.

Don’t underestimate CTAs

CTA stands for Call to action. One should not underestimate the power of CTA buttons. These are the statements that are designed to get an immediate response from the user reading your Instagram post. It is a great Instagram marketing technique to get your target market to respond to your posts quickly. Good CTAs can be really helpful for you. Here are some examples

Link in Bio: Your bio on Instagram is one of the few places where you can paste a link to your products/service, website etc. Therefore, you must always tell the visitors where they can find what they are looking for.

Promo Codes: This can also be a great idea as it will also help you to keep a track of the responses you have received.

Likes Vs Comment: This is a good CTA to increase your post’s engagement. You can be creative and write captions in such a way that people do more and more comments on them.

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