How to improve your website’s load speed

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In order to improve the SEO of your website, having a good load speed is really important. Therefore, this is something that can not be ignored. Most SEO experts suggest that a website should have a load speed of fewer than two seconds. If it is more, then the chances are high that the visitor switch to another website. Eventually, the bounce rate increases and it affects the SEO. In this article, we will tell you the easiest ways to improve the website’s load speed.

There can be several elements in your website that decreases its load speed. It can be images, videos, several codes etc. If your website has a low load speed, then you must fix this issue as quickly as possible.

Here are the tips you must follow in order to increase your website’s load speed

Identify the issues first

First of all, you need to find the issues in order to fix them. For that, you can use several tools. However, one of the best is Google’s PageSpeed Insight tool. With this free tool, you can easily find the issues. The best part is that Google PageSpeed Insights tells you several ways through which you can fix all the issues. Therefore, you need not worry. Just check your website’s health and through this trusted tool and repair the issues.

Optimize the images, videos

Optimizing images and videos on your website is really important. It is not only the text that goes into the website. Videos and images make your website attractive and readable.

However, optimizing them is really important as it can make your website size heavy which results in decreasing the website’s page speed. Now, the question is how can you optimize these photos. You will find hundreds of free tools on the internet which compress the size of the image but do not decrease the quality. Another important tip! It would be great if you place the images and photos on your website in the latest WebP format. This format is designed to provide quality images at a low size.

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The website’s code

If your website’s speed is slow, then the chances are high that there is some issue with the coding. The code works in the background and mostly, people look for the issues in what they see. Therefore, the issues in the code are not fixed.

Several common issues in the codes include comments, unnecessary spaces, lengthy codes which can be replaced by short ones, etc.

Invest in good hosting

For any website, good hosting is a pillar of strength. Therefore, one must invest in hosting wisely. One of the major reasons is that the hosting stores the data of your website. If it is unorganized, then the website’s speed can decrease.

Therefore, it is important for you to invest in good hosting. Check the reviews, and do some research before investing in hosting.

Choose the plugins wisely

Plugins can be really helpful as you need not code yourself and they do the work for you. However, sometimes, these plugins slow downs your website. The reason is that some plugins allocate more space from the server and eventually, the server diverts from the actual work of keeping the website speedy. So, very wisely choose the plugins and that too from trusted sources in order to keep your website quick.

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