What is metaverse and why did Facebook change its name?

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“It is time for us to adopt a new company brand to encompass everything that we do. To reflect who we are, and what we hope to build. I am proud to announce that starting today, our company is now “Meta”. Our mission remains the same. It is still about bringing people together. Our apps, our brands, they are not changing either. And we are still the company that designs technology around people.”

The tech giant Facebook that has been ruling the social media and the internet industry for more than 10 years, has made one of most significant announcements. Facebook has rebranded itself and changed its name.

Yes! The most used social network in the world has changed itself. Facebook Inc has rebranded itself as “Meta”.

This major announcement has been made by the company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The company has also shared its future aspects and what they want to deliver shortly to its users.

Firstly, this change would bring together all of its different apps and technologies under one single brand i.e. “Meta”.

Zuckerberg plans to connect the physical and the digital world altogether. It wants to create a metaverse through its different products and technologies.

What is metaverse?

Everyone is talking about metaverse today. But do you know what it is?

As mentioned earlier, the metaverse is where the digital and the physical world come together. This is what Facebook exactly wants to do.

During the Facebook Connect 2021, Zuckerberg talked about Horizon Homes, Horizon workspace, and Horizon World. A completely different and virtual world where you can experience certain things. It won’t be your phone and you. Facebook has made a significant effort to bring the internet in 3D.

As per the reports by The Guardian, the metaverse is a space where the digital representation of people interact at work, meet in their office, go to concerts and even try clothes.

Zuckerberg has explained metaverse a whole new virtual environment in which it is not just about your smart device’s screen and the user. You will experience the virtual environment in 3D.

It would be a whole new world full of interconnected virtual communities. People will meet, play and work in the metaverse. You will need virtual reality (VR) headsets, smartphone apps, augmented reality glasses.

How was the term metaverse coined?

In the year 1992, a novel named “Snow Crash” was published. An American Science fiction writer Neal Stephenson wrote this novel in which he coined the term metaverse. Meta refers to beyond and verse to the universe.

What could be done in a metaverse?

The users will be able to do several activities I the metaverse through “Meta”. The virtual avatars of the people will be able to attend virtual concerts, buy and sell digital clothings, Customize their virtual homes, create virtual workspaces and much more. Undoubtedly, it would prove to be a boon for the work-from-home culture as well.

Facebook says that wearable smart glasses will become the gateway to the metaverse.

The company has earlier announced that it will soon launch a new pair of smart glasses in collaboration with Ray-Ban and it had released $299 Ray-Ban Stories.

It has also clarified that metaverse will be a collective project that goes beyond a single company. The company has informed that it will be created by people all over the world, and open to everyone.

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